Dragon ball Universe

This piece is a loosely chronological highlight of Dragon Ball's most important scenes and characters. Scenes are drawn from the anime series Dragon Ball to Dragon Ball Z and even includes references from the films — Battle of Gods and Resurrection of F. In addition to general scene and character references throughout the composition, 7 Dragon Balls are also hidden among them. Bulma's Dragon Radar helps reveal where they are located.


Explore the details of Dragon Ball
through behind-the-scenes close-ups:


All 7 Dragon Balls Hidden in the Piece

Like in the series all 7 Dragon Balls are hidden within the piece and Bulma’s Dragon Radar shows you where they are located!



Monkey King Goku

Dragonball nerds will recognize this as one the first scenes in the show / comic or first introduction of the hero Goku as he’s on his way home to cut the tree trunk into fire wood.

FUN FACT: The little character behind Goku is Akira Toriyama’s avatar for when he  used to write author notes in the manga. In the image he is graffiting the words “Toriyama was here” on Goku’s house.



Master Roshi

Master Roshi’s Kame House was an iconic building in the Dragonball series with much of the storyline owing to it as a starting point for many of their adventures. With many characters coming and going the Kame House will always be one of the most recognizable settings in the Dragonball Universe.

FUN FACT: Roshi has a dirty magazine near the doorway and the TV is playing a workout video — some of his favorite past times.



Uncle Raditz

The introduction of Raditz in the first chapter of Dragonball Z changed the whole direction of the series and explained how Goku was able to do all the crazy things he achieved in the original Dragonball.

FUN FACT: If you look close, crying Gohan in trapped inside of Raditz’s space pod.



Super Saiyan Goku

The transformation concept was first introduced in the original Dragonball with Goku turning into a giant ape however it was the Super Saiyan transformation that truly represents the Dragonball series.

FUN FACT: The main villains that represent each saga are placed on each side of Goku from Vegeta, Frieza, Cell, and Majin Buu.


Scavenger Hunt:

Are you a true Dragon Ball fan? Take a walk down memory lane and see if you can match the scenes below with an episode from the show:

  • Pilaf and Co with the rice cooker King Picollo was trapped in
  • Arale and Gatchan from Dr. Slump running on top of a dinosaur
  • Yajirobe cutting some dinosaur meat
  • Launch in her nice and feisty forms
  • Oolong wearing the panties from the first wish on his head
  • Krillin wearing the lingerie training outfit
  • Trunk’s Time Macine that Cell came in along with the egg and shell
  • Captain Ginyu as a frog
  • King Yenma, Kame, and Yenma’s helper
  • Android 16 is playing with some birds
  • Krillin holding the Android remote
  • Kame’s Tower is also the Hyperbolic Time Chamber
  • Shenlong the Dragon is hidden
  • Beerus eating cake