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"I love to draw things from my childhood, especially shows and comics that influenced me growing up."

— Kris Kehasukjaren, Los Angeles, CA


Hi, I'm Kris.

It may sound trivial to some, but revisiting these shows from my past allows me the unique opportunity to analyze and break down its effects on me. You get to return to the lessons you took from them as a child and deconstruct what kind of impact it had on you. Sometimes the lessons are good, and sometimes you discover where your bad habits stem from. My work ends up being a mental healing process for me, reaffirming the good and cleansing out the bad.

Though I love all the characters I choose to paint, the subject matter is secondary to the larger concept. I value the challenge of summarizing a life into one painting. In each, I thoroughly explore different techniques, settings, placement, expression, color, shapes, visual metaphors to tell one cohesive story about the life of a character.

Still curious? Check out my Q&A on process, motivation and meaning.


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